Patty Wagstaff of St. Augustine, Florida, is an aerobatic champion and airshow pilot is a six-time member of the US Aerobatic Team.  Patty has won the gold, silver and bronze medals in Olympic level international aerobatic competition and she is the first woman to win the title of US National Aerobatic champion, and won it three times in 1991, 1992 and 1993.  Patty flies a smooth and aggressive airshow routine, incorporating maneuvers like a snap rolling 360 degree turn and an inverted ribbon cut at 22' above the ground, in front of millions of spectators each year at some of the largest airshows in the world.  

Patty has received many awards for her flying and contributions to aviation.  In 2004 Patty was inducted into the National Aviation Hall of Fame.  Her airplane, the Extra 260, hangs in the Smithsonian Institution's National Air & Space Museum on the Mall in Washington DC.   

When not flying airshows, Patty operates Patty Wagstaff Aviation Safety, a school for aerobatics and upset training, based in St. Augustine, Kissimmee, Florida.  Training pilots from all over the world in advanced flying their goal is to give students skills to keep them safe, and to help them enjoy their flying even more.    

When not flying, she enjoys yoga, riding horses, writing, and spending time with her bird, Buddha, and her dogs.

To Patty Wagstaff the sky represents adventure, freedom and challenge.     For more information go to:



Get to hear the stories never told yet by Joe Edwards and his fellow NASA Astronauts. Commander Joe will dig deep into the NASA Film Archives to bring you shocking, funny and life-harrowing missions.  Additionally, Joe will lead you through the Navy NASA relationship and

how TopGun the TomCat and more led to his success in flying the heaviest payload into space and docking with the Russians.

We'll join Joe, meet his fans at airshows in his mint condition T28.

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Mitch Carley is the first of the I'm Air's AVIATION HUNTERS!

"I'm Aviation-Hunter, Mitch Carley join me on I'm Air where we’ll discover, recover and uncover stories...flying or not!"  We will go to some extreme physical, financial and mental conditions to bring to you some unbelievable stories from those who were there and are there on the front lines of preserving Aviation history of all types for the greater-good.

COMING IN 2019 - Here you’ll discover stories, images and relationships never told before about the early days of ‘Warbirds’ as we see re-mastered original film from the 1950’s through the 1980’s…never before seen.  We’ll introduce you to the real people, stories and situations that created the multi-billion dollar ‘Warbird’ vintage plane industry today.  In addition to the latest in restorations and operations.



Quicksliver P51

Join Scott 'Scooter' Yoak in 'Quicksilver' the world's most beautiful P51 Mustand alive today! 

Scooter and the Mission of the Quick Silver Flight Team is to honor and pay tribute to the thousands of veterans that have sacrificed their lives for the freedom and security of others. It is the mission of the Flight Team to keep Quick Silver in the air and Flying at as many shows as we can make.  Join Scooter as he takes us into the operations, ownership & piloting of this iconic of freedom.

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Join Mushamir as he take us to My Balloon Adventure with Izzy, Filip and the team, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Join Izzy and Filip on a new weekly adventure as they take tourists from all walks of life on a hot air balloon adventure over South East Asia. Experience all the beauty and wonder this region has to offer from the sky above. 

Mushamir Mustafa - I'm Airborn Producer

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Ask  Captain Scott with Scott Dove, Seattle, Washington

Scott Dove, a Boeing 747 International 1st Captain, knows what it takes to become a pilot and handle planes of any size. Join Scott and his team of certified flight instructors, as they work with students, both young and old, on flying skills and aerial adventures. You’ll be amazed as you experience the thrill of flight from a new perspective.

Scott Dove – I’m Airborn Producer

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The Duggy Dream Team Show with Mitch Carley, Austin, Texas

Fly along with Duggy, the world famous DC3, and the Dream Team as they travel around the world to air shows. Mitch Carley will share his story of how Duggy was once just a dream, and how he and others helped make that dream come true! Watch and listen to the excitement as kids explore Duggy and take flight on a dream of their own. Duggy, The Smile In The Sky, teach­ing our kids that if you dream it, team it and work it, it can come true!

Mitch Carley – I’m Air Executive Producer / CEO

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TOBY MCPHERSON - President and owner of Tall Towers Aviation / Crop Sprayers, Page ND.  Join Toby and his team on the daily-reality of the exciting business of Crop Spraying.  Then take a break with them as they host fly and fly veteran's in his beautifully restored P51 Mustang, Boomer...coming soon.



Hang Gliding Interlaken with Birdman Bernie, Interlaken, Switzerland 

Hang Gliding Interlaken is a family run tandem hang gliding business operating for more than 17 years with a perfect safety record.  They cater to the adventure seeking traveler who wants a taste of this extreme sport in a safe, controlled environment.  They are Internationally recognized commercial pilots, well experienced and are fully qualified through the Swiss Hang Gliding Federation.  They are well established in Interlaken, Switzerland and take great pleasure in sharing our passion for Hang Gliding with our passengers, of all ages and from all walks of life.  Hang Gliding Interlaken use the most modern Hang Gliders available in the world and their custom made harnesses are comfortable, ensure the highest level of safety and you'll look great in them too!

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Glider Aerobatic Rides with Sasha Marvin Orlando,  Florida

Sasha Marvin, is a 2012 World Champion with team Italy and is a US CFIG!  Are you looking for a unique and thrilling new experience?  Would you like to do loops between the clouds and see Florida, UPSIDE DOWN?  These are just some of the amazing things that can be done in a glider.   Watch from your favorite screen as Marvin takes people on awesome aerobatic flights and more.  All of his flights are done safely, and with respect to aeronautical regulations and structural limitations of the aircraft.

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Air Racing with Jeff Zaltman & team, Worldwide

Air Race 1 is pure motorsport at its fastest. It is a thrilling test of pilot skill in a class known as formula one air racing. 8 airplanes race directly against each other at speeds of 450kph, together on a race circuit just 1.5km end to end. Top pilots from around the world compete on the tight circuit just 10 meters above the ground, all easily visible to thousands of live spectators and broadcast on global media. The first aircraft to cross the finish line after eight laps wins!  The race planes, referred to in the sport as formula one airplanes, are the only class of airplane built specifically for racing – and for racing fast! This highly competitive sport is rapidly growing into a mainstream popular series that is the ultimate test of both human and machine. Air Race 1 is the first official international series of formula one air racing in the 70-year history of the sport.

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Brandon's story is one of a kid who in-school did not fit and often the classes or the children - simply wanted him to go find somewhere else to be - well he did...Whether it's flying through skyscrapers and buildings or winter Alaskan wilderness, Brandon Mikesell feels comfortable anywhere.  In fact, he finds wingsuit flying extremely peaceful.  Watch as Brandon, who comes from Seattle, travels to Chamonix's Le Brévent to soar down the mountain, threading his way through trees and rocks after taking the plunge from 2500 meters. The French Alps are a popular wingsuit destination and his footage proves once again why. Brandon's skills, considering that he has discovered wingsuit flying only four years ago, gives a whole other dimension to ‘learning to fly’.

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Incredible, Amazing, Breathtaking – Unbelievable and more…hot air balloon flights over Cappadocia Turkey.  Experience the magic of a balloon ride while floating over beautiful Cappadocia. We fly throughout Cappadocia and our personal touch and professional experience will make your flight a memorable event.  They schedule flights once a day, every day, all year round.  Voyager Balloons flies commercially insured and commercially rated FAA certified pilots with over 18 years of balloon flight experience, accompanied by a competent, experienced, fun loving ground crew and 12 new brand hot air balloons.

Director - Mehmet Halis Aydogan

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Owner of Austin Biplane an Austin, TX based Waco Biplane Tour business

Established in 2015, Austin Biplane was created to bring the thrill and excitement of aviation to the city of Austin.  Experience life as a barnstomer in the world's only current-production open-cockpit biplane. Two passengers ride side-by-side in the front seat while the pilot flies from the rear cockpit.  Originally produced in 1935, our 2010 Waco YMF-5 maintains the look and feel of a classic aircraft but is manufactured under today's fabrication and safety standards.  Feel the roar of the 7-cylinder, 300-HP radial engine as it whisks you off the ground into the skies above Austin.  Feel the rush of Texas air whip through the open cockpit as you enjoy the beauty of downtown Austin, the Colorado River, and Texas hill country surrounding Lake Travis.

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Director & Producer of "Ten Men fell from the Sky!"

Denis has produced and presented world-class features on more than 100 international research projects, joining scientific expeditions in dozens of countries — from deserts to the Arctic, at sea, in the air and underwater. In cooperations with the European Space Agency, I’ve covered space projects in Europe, Russia and the United States.

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