Mission: Soaring Beads of Courage!

"What is my greatest fear?

I didn’t want everyone to find out I have a major stuttering problem...

...growing up people did not want to take the time to find out why I was having trouble in school...

...they’d rather just kick me out of their class rooms and dismiss me...

...I was picked on growing up for being different...

...well I guess I am different!


Now I have my Beads of Courage with me and I put them in my Wingsuit!

They stay with me on my every jump from this day forward.

Every jump I do from here on out is dedicated to you!


Just always remember you are truly special in every way!"

- Brandon Mikesell!

Big Title

ellen & team,

  My goal is that all of our Stars on I'm Air have

Beads of Courage to carry and return back into

the cycle-of-courage that they offer to those that

                                               need it the most!

- Mitch Carley CEO & Creator of ImAir

& Duggy (www.duggy.com)